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Introduction Xiyao Primary School

         After the establishment of the Xiyao primary school paradise in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Xi Yao Education Institute was established one year after the Xiyao Primary School. Xiyao Primary School has entered its fourth year. In the process of innovation, Xiyao School upholds the ethical education thoughts and teaching methods pioneered by Professor Tou Hui, while adhering to the theory and teaching philosophy of Xiyao Education.

         According to Confucius' "Six Arts", Professor Fok Tou Hui has developed a viable "Xiyao New Six Arts" and created two sets of methodologies: the temperament education method and the temperament teaching method. Open your heart and let love fly. Once the temperament is opened, the character of the student will be sunny and cheerful, and the mentality will be actively opened. Learning will be active and efficient, and life will take the initiative. The students have long-term temperament, and knowledge has the soil of internalization and rooting. The choice has a positive direction, and life has the meaning of transcending secular values.

        Temperament education does not deny the importance of knowledge. Xiyao believes that imparting knowledge is an important goal of education. However, Xiyao cites the transfer of knowledge as the initial and most direct purpose of education, not the most important and ultimate goal. Therefore, Xiyao proposed three levels of education: knowledge education, ability education, and life education. Temperament education refers to the highest level of life education and covers the two basic levels of knowledge education and ability education.

        In the process of teaching, the teacher not only carries out subjects and teaching activities, but also includes special teachings such as: story teaching, temperament drama, sit-in, and friendship. Xiyao Education aims at life growth. All teaching activities are carried out around the core of “temporal education”. The indicators that measure students are the growth of knowledge, ability and life. The root of education is to develop human nature and grow people's lives.

        The temperament education allows students to understand themselves, enrich their internality, develop their own beautiful nature, let them grow up healthily, let the students feel care, feel love, feel hope, give birth to their bright hearts, and let students like to learn. Self-learning, mastering learning methods, growing up in learning, taking part in growth, and gaining the richness of life and the brilliance of life in the burden.

Feature of Xiyao Primary School

1. Malaysia Primary School Standard Curricuium or Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah (KSSR), Combination of Xiyao XingqingJiaoyu.
2. Dual Languange Program (DLP), Mathematics and Science in English.
3. Chinese subject of SJK(C) currriculum.
4. 21th Century Project Based Learning.

Primary Learning Program

1.   Bahasa Malaysia.
2.   English Language
3.   Chinese Language
4.   Mathematics
5.   Science
6.   Technology (RBT/TMK)
7.   Moral Education
8.   Physical Health Education
9.   Arts and Crafts
10. Music


Additional Learning:

1. Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
2. Standard Performing Arts -- Music, Drama, Dance, Poem

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