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XIYAO Kindergarten Introduction


Malaysia XIYAO Kindergarten was founded in 2014, advocated the entrance master Fok Tou Hui professor "personality education", committed to the development of children's six kinds of capability: memory, understanding, sensibility, creativity, willpower, and leadership. For the purpose of cultivating independent, innovative and ideal future talents, keep in close contact with family education, so that children can have a warm, happy and fulfilling childhood.


There are four grades: big class, big class, middle class and small class. The classroom is spacious and the environment is natural and beautiful. In terms of teaching, xiyao children's school park implements "education for common sense" and "education for reading classics" through the three languages (Chinese, witchcraft and English). Common sense education is also a kind of parent-child education, parents education, teaching topic is "understanding food", "know yourself", "know the family", "knowledge society", etc., involved in science, math, art, social, health, three kinds of language. Reading education refers to a return to traditional education, the benefit of the influence of the traditional culture, a large number of reading Chinese and foreign classics, the teaching material contains not only common sense teaching the teaching of reading, also USES "personality education" founder professor Fok Tou Hui written by the children's classic series, including "university", "the analects", the "book of songs", etc. Reading at the same time, accompanied by a professor Fok Tou Hui create "Mr Khodorkovsky reading method", professor Fok Tou Hui created "as read, read, read sentences, read, read, read, play, YinDou, read" twelve reading methods, such as, not only can be used in the study of ancient classic, also can be used in Chinese, English and other arts subjects. Huo's study of classics enables students to grow up in classic comfort.


The essence of education is to develop people's temperament and grow people's life. Character education to let students understand themselves, rich inner, development they have good temperament, to their healthy growth, make the students feel care since I was a child, to feel love, feel the hope that their light heart, let the students love learning, autonomous learning, to grasp the method of learning, grow in learning, to grow, as in bear life and life guangyao.



According to the "six arts" of Confucius, professor huo tao-hui innovatively developed the "six arts of xi yao xin", which is full of vitality. Open your heart and let love fly. Once the disposition opens, the student's character will be sunny and cheerful, the state of mind will be active and open, the study will be active and efficient, the life will take the initiative. Students' temperament has been nurtured, knowledge has been internalized and rooted in the soil, choices have a positive direction, and life has a significance beyond secular values.



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