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The Four Principles of Class Design


There are four principles to observe in the design of classes.


Firstly, rules prevail over instruction. Children are always subject to excessive demand from their seniors such as teachers. In most cases, they fail to deliver. Their problem is well understood because each and every class is taught by more than one taeacher and that different teachers have different aspiration. This has made life difficult for students.


Xiyao requires all Class Teachers to draw up uniform rules at the beginning of each school year, or during the Xingqing Promotional Week, for students to follow. There are related activities and discussions through which students will be able to orientate themselves with such rules. A Xiyao Life Development Chart is put up to underline the preference of rules over demand at Xiyao.


Secondly, Objective Planning is used as a stimulant. In their role as an architect, teachers design classes. The objectives have to be clear in order to achieve the best result in motivating their students.


Thirdly, Stage is set for displaying results. In Xiyao classrooms, Students, not teachers, play the leading role. Teachers set the stage, and students go on stage to show what they have learn at their own initiative.


Fourthly, evaluation stimulates growth. What it means is that a teacher in his dual role as an architect and a guardian, evaluates the performance of his students. In so doing, he freshens up their life and fosters their growth.



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