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The Three Major Roles of Teachers


Xiyao teachers play the triple roles of a designer, a coach, and a guardian.


The first and the most crucial role of a teacher is not giving lecture. It is the design of syllabus, and classes that matters most. Before going into a classroom, a teacher must set his target, his goal, and flow of the lesson that he is going to give. He will then let his students participate and learn at their own initiative. At Xiyao, teachers are also required to prepare students for showcasing what they have learn. This is the process of Accomplish that all students need to go through. By acting, narrating, writing, performing, and drawing, stduents will have transformed his knowledge into ability.


The second role of a teacher is coaching. When students have displayed their learning, the teacher will pose a number of thought provoking questions for them. He will then ask his students to do self-appraisal. By moderating their appraisal, the teachers acts as a coach.


A teachers third major role is to be a guardian. His feedback on the performance of students points to the direction of their future growth. He lights up their life. 


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