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Xingqing Education System

Accept, Change, and Inspire


The philosophy of Xiyao education can be summed up in three works. Accept Change, and Inspire. It originates from and corresponds with the Groups teaching method of Input Transform, and Accomplish. It is also essence of Xingqing education that Professor Fok has derived from his thirty years of practical experience.


The word Accept has a broader meaning than it appears. In Xiyaos context, it also implies penetration and association. The mission of a teacher is to help student develop their Xingqing, To do so, he must, first of all, accept them without any reservation. Then the next thing to do is to penetrate into their strengths and weaknesses. Finally, based on his observation, the teacher should help individual student either to realize their potential or to sort out their problem. With proper stimulation, the inner beauties of each and every child will come out. Their personality will improve over time. However, whether or not this is attainable depend very much on the qualities of teachers. He must be effective in communication. He should be well aware of the pattern of life his students assume, and expose himself more to the development of Xingqing.


The word Change in this context denotes, the change of mind, of concept, and of real life. In the process of teaching, teachers get to know the state of mind of individual students, based on which they will teach in a way that children can easily absorb. This will ensure that mental changes strong students are positive and in the right direction.


The meaning of Inspire encompasses follow up and light up. The duty of a teacher is to help children establish their own perception of values, regenerate their life to a new and a higher mental state, and faster their Xingqing development.


The process of Accept, Changes, and Inspire cannot completed in one day. Teachers are supposed to monitor the performance of each and every student in his class, find out their mental needs, and teach accordingly with passion.


The process of Accept, Changes, and Inspire is the psychological aspects of Xingqing education.



The Method of Teaching Xingqing

Input, Transform, and Accomplish


The method of teaching at Xiyao can be condensed as Input, Transform and Accomplish. What it means is that a system is well in place to facilitate of knowledge and the training of mind, body and soul.


The process of input requires students to use their ears, their noises, their tongues and other senses and parts of their body to receive the input of knowledge from all angles, from all directions, and by all useful means. They can feel the transfer of new knowledge in a 3D format. Their interest in exploring the outside world will then increase. Professor Fork thinks that memory is important to input. He has invented a reading method to enhance the ability of rote learning.


The process of Accomplish is a display of studentsability in doing, narrating, writing, performing and drawing. Teachers design without extra-curriculum activities and platforms for students to showcase their learning. This will give students a sense of accomplishment and motivation to learn. Their Xingqing will be Inspired.


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