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Founder Professor Fok Tou Hui


A native of Nanhai in Quangdong Province, Professor Fok was born in 1940.He is a renowned ideologist educationist and Master of Chinese Literature. As an Honorary Professor of the Chiniese University of Hong Kong, Fok founded and championed the cause of xinqqing education.

Professor Fok arrived in Hong Kong in 1957. He entered United College in 1960 to read Chinese and take lessons from Mr Lo Shi Hin, a noted scholar of Buddhism. Fork went to New Asia College In 1964 for his post graduate studies, and under the guidance of the famous Confucianist Tang Chun-i, received his master degree in 1966. He then won a scholarship from the Peking Society of Harvard University, and was sent to Kyoto, Japan in 1969 for intensive study of Buddhism. For returned to Hong Kong in 1972, and took up a teaching post with the Department of Philosophy of the Chinese University. He introduced new course of Indian Philosophy, Indian Buddhist Philosophy, and Sanskrit. He also pushed for modernization of Buddhist Ideology.

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Professor Fok founded The Dharmasthiti Buddhist Institute in 1982, based on his belief that culture never fades. He began preaching traditional Chinese culture in a city that has lived under strong influence of Western culture.

In 1994, For set up the Life Enlightenment courses. He drew on the teaching experience of Confucius and Buddha to inspire his students. He bought a piece of land in the picturesque Zhaoqing in Quangdong and built a mountain retreat for learning and soul resting. Then in 1999, he established the Xiyao Educaiton  and Cultural Foundation Fund and began to develop primary and secondary education, as well as sponsor academic, publishing and cultural exchange activities. As the same time, Professor Fok founded the Xiyao Yuexi School,   at the invitation of the Mayor of Luoding, Mr Li Yao Kun. He also started to promote xingqing education in Singapore, which culminated in the establishment of Xiyao Culture Association in the City State in 2004. Another Xiyao Culture Association took root in Malaysia in 2009, and ended up with another overseas Xiyao School.

Professor Fok is author of more than 40 publications. His influence has spread to other parts of the world, notably South-East Asia where he has won wide recognition for the academic achievement. He is affectionately called Confucius Reborn by Wei Cheng Tung, a great thinker and historian from Taiwan. He is also listed as one of the most well known Chinese scientists (philosopher) of the 20th century by Chien Wei-Zang, Head of Chinas Bureau of Science Publication.


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